Rockay Razor Trail Running Socks

Rockay has a men’s trail running sock that covers all of the bases; technically designed for avid runners, all materials used in the manufacture of these socks are derived from recycled goods, they are breathable with a snug compression fit and they have great arch support.

Pretty much everything a runner could ask for!

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Detailed information about Rockay Razor Trail Running Socks

Rockay is committed to protecting the environment, and every single step of production keeps the planet and maintaining its overall health as a central premise.

The planet is at the center, but the runner is what it is all about, and the detail and the design of the Razor Trail running sock is done with the runner in mind.

Attention to the smallest details such as getting rid of the seam line at the toe to remove a known and irritating pressure points, to adding a reflective logo at the ankle for safety.

There are also several areas of these socks that are constructed to allow the foot to breathe, critically important during a long run.

The Razor Trail sock also has built-in arch support, added cushioning to enhance performance, a snug fit for good compression during a run, as well as being guaranteed for life by the Rockay company.


Mesh areas that allow the foot to breathe
No toe seam, so no pressure point
Cushioned for superior performance