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Ring Video Doorbell Pro

Are you someone who is worried about your house when you leave? If you are, you are not alone. There are countless of others, perhaps maybe even your neighbor who tends to worry about their home. The feeling is completely normal; nobody wants their house to be broken into. When you leave, you cannot exactly see who shows up at your door, or let alone see what is going on in your house. What if you could tho? What if you could be notified when someone comes to your house or, what if you could let someone in your home from say your kitchen, all without going to the door? Well, you can! How may you ask? Well, look no further as we now introduce to you the Ring Video Doorbell!


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So, what is the Ring Video Doorbell? Well, it is a smart doorbell system you install into the existing doorbell system replacing it altogether. With it, you can now see, through video, everyone who rings your doorbell. Not only can you see whoever is at the door, you can also speak to them and hear them as well. They cannot see you, but if you talk, they can hear you. You can speak to them and/or see anyone regardless of your location. Are you out for a grocery run and expecting a package? They ring the doorbell and you can simply talk to the delivery man from Target! Now, another really cool feature that the Ring has is that it can also see at night! Yep, even in pitch black you can see/hear anyone or even anything for that matter!All you need is a smartphone or tablet and the Ring app. Now, something of this sorts may seem like a big hassle to install and set up. Well, it actually is not as it is quite the opposite. All you need is the instruction sheet and the tools provided in the kit and you'll have a brand new doorbell in just a few minutes!