Activities that will help you in reconnecting with your sister

Sisterhood is much deeper than childhood fights over shot-gun in the car and bike races down the street to the nearest general store. I remember gabbing to my mom about the fact that my sister got her ears pierced before I was allowed, or how annoyed I was that she got dad’s old, college hockey sweat-shirt for cozy wear. Beneath the typical sister-to-sister banter and squabbles, there is an untouchable love that no parent or another sibling can interrupt. Girl to girl and sib to sib, sisters create a remarkable foundation of love and comfort with the right activities to seal- and even heal- a bond that only grows with love and light.


Sisters are more open and vulnerable with one another from childhood than with brothers. Watching my sister grow into a beautiful and confident woman was an incredible experience. We shared a foundation built on stories of experimentation if you will, and adventure, including a terrifying time spent with mom’s curling iron in the bathroom at the ages of six and nine, or the time I accidentally and quite literally swung my sister into a tree on the tire swing! Burns and bruises aside, we were vulnerable in front of one another, unlike the way I grew up and experienced things with my brother. Sisters see personalities become born, and they also see the emotional turmoil that is growing up as a female.

Movie Night!

To maintain this level of vulnerability and story making between sisters, there is value in setting time aside to get comfy and watch a movie! Movies are a great bonding activity. Experiencing a movie together with just the right snacks and beverages is key to melting away any fears and shedding any distractions from the day. Sisters love a good romantic comedy and some comfort food, like popcorn with a load of butter or nachos with a side of guac! Rom coms can tap into some emotions that might otherwise never arise in someone. I like to think of sister movie time as an emotional investment;  a real movie experience is getting so lost in the movie that it seems like time has stopped, and you forget where you are! The experience of the movie can open up some conversations about plot twists and supporting characters, which eventually can hit at the observable emotions that erupted during the breakup or after the get-together.

Movies break any tensions and ease conversations. Nothing has to be about you or her! Simply talk about the movie, I can almost guarantee conversations will bring up personal and vulnerable topics, and eventually a BuzzFeed quiz to determine which lead character in the movie you are most like!

Ice cream Drive!

Nothing beats driving with your sister down a long stretch of road, blasting music with the windows down in the late summer and anticipating the taste of cookie dough ice cream melting on your tongue! Even if you’re both living in different parts of the same city or you’re too busy during the day to give her a call, there is always a time and a place for a brief ice cream run to let loose and treat yourself. Caring for yourself is caring for other more. When you decide you want ice cream, consider your other half. Would she want an ice cream, too? Driving with the music blaring out of the speakers and singing along to the band or just venting about a day at work with your sis on the way to some deliciousness is a great way to wind down together and connect over the simple and routine things you do day to day.

Try your old ice cream spot from high school. Sharing memories of the infamous ice cream store near your childhood house always sparks conversation and delight, reminiscing when times were fun and carefree, without responsibilities. Next, pick a station or a playlist! Music can make the drive more pleasurable and alleviate any awkward silences or conversations. However, sometimes prioritizing silence so the conversation can ensue is the best way to experience a bonding drive with your sis. Talk with your sister about dating, work-life balance, and the best coffee spots in town. The biggest thing with bonding is being present and open. As long as you both show up for ice cream, you’re ultimately showing up for one another.

Outdoor Yoga!

Ever walked past people in the park posing in obscene positions on mats, ohming loudly across public streets? This is yoga! Yoga is more than just crazy poses and breath work; it is a bonding experience. Yoga is a healthy way to get out of your head and be part of a community. Lying side by side in savasana, corpse pose in Sanskrit, you can close your eyes and remind yourself of why you came to class that day- and the answer rings loud and true: sister time. The experience of doing something totally out of your comfort zone, like yoga, can ultimately set up some exciting firsts for you and your sister to experience together. When there aren’t any high expectations, and no one is determined as the expert in the activity, there is a lot of room to relate to your sister, and to support one another in a new experience.

Getting in a workout is a great way to motivate your sister to join you, and the bonding only follows. Love on yoga or hate on yoga, the activity can be defined as both active and restorative, which gives little wiggle room for your sister to bail or shrug the opportunity off. De-stressing in a yoga class with your sister can become a routine- and honestly isn’t a bad one to get into!

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