10 Reasons Why You Should go Fishing with Your Husband!

After running, fishing is the second most popular pastime in the United States. One in six Americans say fishing is their favorite pastime. Something tells me that fifty million Americans know something, and not all of them can be wrong. The vast majority of the hobby anglers are men, which means their wives and girlfriends are often left alone when they head to their local fishing spot. That needn’t be the case, as more and more women are discovering.

The joys of fishing are not just for men, and joining your partner on a fishing trip can be more rewarding than you imagined. If you’re not convinced, then here are ten reasons why it’s a good idea to go fishing with your husband or boyfriend.

1. Fishing Keeps You Fit

We can hear you say: ‘What do you mean fishing keeps you fit, it’s all about sitting around drinking beer waiting for a fish to bite!’ Honestly, if that’s what you think, then you’re totally wrong. Fishing is great exercise for your main muscle groups, and with give your lungs and heart a super workout.

The better the fishing spot, the further it is away from a road, so you’re likely going to have to hike for at least a quarter-hour carrying your gear. That short walk back and forth to the fishing hole will give you a nice burst of aerobic exercise. Once you’ve reached your spot, then casting off, and rewinding the line a few times an hour needs a bit of strength, and that’s even before you get a bite. Once you’ve hooked a pike, carp, or bass, then the fight can be on. Pulling in a struggling fish works all the shoulder muscles, along with those of the back, arms, and legs. In fact, it’s a complete workout, without going to the gym, and you could have something healthy to pop in a pan and eat.

2. Reduces Stress

Our modern lives are becoming so stressful that it’s estimated 40% of adults lie awake at nights worrying about one problem or another. Some people resort to taking medication despite its inherent risks. However, you don’t have to go down that path as spending time with your loved one in the outdoors, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life can be a treatment in itself.


It’s not surprising that lots of organizations dealing with post-traumatic stress recommend fishing to their clients because of its therapeutic benefits. It’s probably something your husband or boyfriend has already realized, and you can discover it too.

3. Improves Concentration

Just being outdoors with your man can do wonders for your concentration. Research carried out and reported in the British Journal of Sports Medicine suggests that being in the countryside, and aware of the environment around you is an aid to focusing the brain and helping people concentrate. Simply spending time by the water, and around trees calms and changes the mind making it more in tune with your body.

4. Get that Vitamin D Fix

Just being outside can lift your spirits, rather than being stuck at home alone. Even if you are not fishing, and are just along for the ride, being out in the open can really improve your health. Even when it’s cloudy being in the open air can boost your Vitamin D levels. Vitamin D is needed by the body to regulate levels of phosphate and calcium, which keep teeth and bones healthy. It’s also established it can improve your immune system, and is linked with combating depression. So that fishing expedition with your other half may do you more good than you imagined, even if you never pick up a pole.

5. A Bit of Bonding

A fishing trip with your husband or a boyfriend is more than just an expedition to sit by some water and then go home again. It’s an opportunity to talk to one another without the distractions of kids or family, cell phones or the other necessities of 21st Century life. The time waiting for a fish to bite can be magical for both of you. The ability to freely express yourself in an environment that is serene and calming cannot be beaten. If you go with some of his fishing friends, its an opportunity to meet new like-minded people and connect as you have at least one shared interest – fishing.

6. Feel Good About Yourself

Anglers are always talking about how good the sport is for setting personal goals and striving to achieve them. To catch that bigger fish or a different variety of fish. Learning to fish is also gaining a skill, something you can be proud of once you’ve got the basics figured out. Fishermen always say its journey of discovery that goes on until you eventually give up the sport or die. That first catch can be a memory that will last with you forever, and being with your husband or boyfriend can only promote your wellbeing and feelings of security when you work together to land that big catch.

7. A Way to Unwind

Everything we’ve talked about up until now sets the scene for you being able to unwind when you go on a fishing trip with your boyfriend or husband. It’s a chance to leave your cares at home, and just concentrate on what’s on the end of your line. If you have a high-power job, fishing is one of the best pastimes to let your mind relax.

fishing with family

It’s evident that when you are with your partner, it’s an opportune time for you to share your worries and your frustrations in a neutral setting, and get the support you might need to face the workplace the next day. It’s not only your body what will be refreshed by a fishing trip with your husband, but your mind will be too.

8. It’s not Going to Cost the Earth

When you start out fishing with your husband, it’s not going to be expensive, as more than likely he’ll have a spare fishing rod you can use, and all the other gear you are going to need. You might have to buy some wet weather gear and some waders, but they’ll last you for years, and also can be used at other times, not just for fishing.

And then think, you have hours of pleasure for not much outlay. Where could you spend a whole day out enjoying yourself for next to nothing? Going to the mall will always cost you a bundle, and seeing a movie isn’t cheap these days either. So if your budget is tight, maybe fishing together should become your pastime of choice.

9. Ready for the Table

How great is it to catch the fish you will eat for dinner! Going out to fish for your supper really is an excellent experience. Starting out with no expectations at the beginning of the day, and returning with a bucket full of fish ready to grill or barbecue is one of the greatest feelings in the world. It gives you a whole new perspective on life as a couple, heading into the outdoors to do what our ancestors did hundreds and thousands of years ago – fend for themselves.

10. What’s Better?

There is not enough said about doing things together. It really is the bedrock of a relationship, and being able to enjoy the same things as your husband or boyfriend really does cement you two together. A great partner is also a great fishing buddy, and someone who can understand the experiences you go through when angling. The fifty million or so anglers in the United States can’t all be mad, they do realize that the pastime is also a sport, and anyone can get wrapped up in it.

Even if you don’t pick up a fishing pole and join your husband, the time together without distractions can be the best quality time you have as a couple. Being with your partner can keep your feet on the ground, so you don’t get too carried away with fishing, and it can be put into the perspective of an activity you both do together to stay together.

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