8 Reasons to Start Celebrating Father’s Day Big Time

As one of the most popular holidays in the world, Mother’s Day gets a huge reputation in comparison to Father’s Day. This leaves us wondering why. Sure, Mother’s have a gigantic part in raising their children, but Dads are equally as responsible for how their children develop over the years. If you’re struggling to understand why Mother’s Day gets all of the hype and Father’s Day is seemingly left behind, it may be time for you to celebrate this year’s Father’s Day bigger than ever before.

Below are just a few important reasons for you to think about when you’re getting all of the plans together for this year’s Father’s Day.

1. Your Dad is a Role Model

While growing up it’s common for children to look towards their parents to figure out how they should behave and function as a human being. Your Dad is by far one of the strongest role models you can have in a variety of ways. For example, traditionally girls have the tendency to model their future husbands based on similar qualities to their fathers. They may start looking for a husband that is as caring, compassionate, and emotionally strong as their father. For boys, they tend to look at their fathers as the backbone of a family. They’ll start to understand how they should grow up in order to raise their own successful family one-day.

2. Your Dad Always Has Advice

It’s common for your Mom to run to your side when you scrape your knee or if you need help with a relationship but when it comes things you need serious advice for, you most likely go to your Dad. At the end of the day, he’s the person you can turn to when you’re searching for that no-nonsense advice and when you need things to be told to you straight on. No matter if it’s struggles at home, issues at school, or everyday stress your Dad is always going to help you figure out what to do.

3. Hands-On Work Around the House

It’s true, Mothers can be incredibly crafty and in many families, Moms find themselves doing the majority of household repairs, but in others, Dad is whom you turn to for hands-on work. Take a moment to think about the sheer amount of things your father has done for your house over the past week. Has your toilet stopped working? Dad probably knew exactly how to fix it. Wanted to have a picture hung in the living room? Dad most likely installed it straight and sturdy.

Father’s Day is one of the many days out of the year where you can sit back and honestly thank your Dad for everything he has done.

4. Dads Deal with the Worst Jobs

Aside from DIY repairs and additions around the house, it’s easy to say that Dads also get the short end of the stick when it comes to household chores. Gender roles play a big part in most families, and so you might find that your Dad is going to have to do everything that no one else wants to do. From walking the dog to taking the trash out at the end of every night, he is stuck with the worst “manly” jobs to do.

5. Your Dad Gives You Adventures

If you are fortunate enough to have a Dad that is willing to do numerous adventurous things with you, you surely don’t feel like you’ve missed anything in your life. Your Dad was there with you when you got on your first roller coaster, took your first swimming lesson, and went on your first hike. He’s always up for anything and everything if it means that you’ll have a fun and exciting time.

6. Dad Offers the Greatest Experiences

If there’s one thing that most people know about their Dad, it’s that they can surely be strict, but they’re also likely to give you more of a break than Mom. Think about all of the times your Mom went out to do groceries or went out for drinks with friends. Did Dad let you eat ice cream before dinner? Maybe you were allowed to play video games an hour past your regular bedtime. These experiences are some of the greatest bonding moments you’ll be able to have with your father to truly understand just how great of a parent he really is.

7. Dad is Our Personal Mover

Moms have strength, there’s no doubt about it! However, when it comes to everyday heavy lifting, you’re going to turn to Dad. From moving your bed from one room to another to bringing all of your stuff into your new university, Dad will be the personal moving company you’ve always needed. In an effort to make your life easier, he will literally break his back in order to help you get from point A to point B with as little trouble as possible.

8. Dad is Our Protector

From ensuring that our home is safe to picking us up from house parties on the weekend, Dad has always been the person we’ve turned to when we’re close to getting in trouble. With the ability to protect us from some of the worst things in life, you’ve undoubtedly leaned on your father’s shoulder at least once or twice in your lifetime. With every Father’s Day, it’s your chance to thank the most stable male figure in your life for all of the times he’s come to your rescue.

Father’s Day is one of those holidays that should be celebrated every single day of the year. With the insurmountable amount of things your Dad has done for you, your family, and for himself, he’s truly one of the strongest role models you could have in your lifetime.

Instead of following the regular societal hype and spending the majority of your focus on Mother’s Day, why not plan something big for your father this year? He certainly deserves it more than you may know.

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