Rappers Delight: The Hiphop Cookbook

Based on the slangs they use to the music they listen to or just the generation gap in general, sometimes it is a little hard to connect with a teenager. With the advancement of technology and the emergence of smartphones, we usually find them burying their noses more on their phones than in books.

So what are we to do when we are faced with the impossible task of getting their attention? We give them a cookbook. But not just a cookbook, we give them “Rapper’s delight, the Hip Hop Cookbook”.

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Detailed information about Rappers Delight: The Hiphop Cookbook

Filled with easy to cook recipes for even the most beginner of beginners (inspired by the biggest names in hip hop, past, and present) and quirky, striking illustrations of the rappers themselves in every page. This is beyond any doubt a great start to get these young ones to put their phone down and start flipping through the pages.

A cookbook is still a book and an interesting, cool, age-appropriate one at that. Who knows, it might also inspire them to go ahead and try some of these recipes in the kitchen. A perfect gift for the teenager interested in music, art, and food!



Clear, concise instructions and recipes are easy to learn

Unique, funny and exceptionally witty