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Radiate Portable Campfire – Great Gift Idea for Campers!

If you have an avid camper in your life, you know that they are always prepared with almost every camping gear and have everything they need for their camping experience. This might leave you with little options when it comes to gifts. But then, they are loved ones and friends, and we must appreciate them with a gift nevertheless.

This portable campfire from Radiate will be a thoughtful and practical gift to an outdoorsy in your life. It’s a perfect stocking stuffer for a camper, and they will certainly be thrilled to have it. Its beautifully designed, with a sleek portable design and adequately provides one with more than 3 hours of safe and non-toxic burn time.

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Detailed information about Radiate Portable Campfire – Great Gift Idea for Campers!

Provide a camper or an outdoorsman with a first-class outdoor experience with this portable campfire. It is made of 100% recycled soy wax and 100% of recycled paper pulp. As you can see, its completely safe and non- toxic and environmentally friendly. Most campers and outdoor lovers appreciate the nature and anything that is eco-friendly will be received with open arms.

The best thing about this campfire is how convenient it is to put off the fire. One only needs to slide the lid over the campfire, and it goes off. It is easy to light it just as it is easy to put off. How amazing is that?

What more, the campfire is windproof. One doesn't need to worry that a sudden wind change will blow smoke into their eyes like it is the case with traditional fires. With the portable campfire, wind changes only amplify the experience and boost the heat instead of stinging their eyes.


It's easy to light and put off

It's portable

It comes with instructions on how to light and put off the fire

It has more than 30 years shelf life

Produces non-toxic flames, it's environment-friendly

Radiates and provides adequate warmth

Ideal for camping, for use at the beach and backyard