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Pure Vermont Maple Cream (Rich & Smooth)

In a group of friends, there is that one that loves spending time in the kitchen, indulging in homemade recipes and always learning a new trick in the kitchen. If you are looking for a gift for such a friend or family member, then your best bet has to be in the kitchen or food corner. Any item that reflects their hobby will be a hit choice.

On this note, this Pure Vermont maple cream is a suitable selection as a gift for someone that loves cooking. It will come in handy in many ways when trying out recipes, enhancing food textures and flavors. The maple cream can be a gift for a particular day or a simple appreciation gift on a random day.

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Detailed information about Pure Vermont Maple Cream (Rich & Smooth)

This maple cream is made on a daily basis to ensure what gets to the market is fresh. This also means that it does not utilize preservatives that tend to interfere with the texture and flavor. In its natural state, the maple cream has a nice consistency to spread evenly and enjoy the wholesome taste. This maple cream does not need refrigeration if used on a daily basis.

As mentioned, this maple syrup is 100 % natural and sustainable. This maple cream comes from early season medium amber which is the best for a smooth texture and a rich flavor. For the friend that enjoys maple cream and syrup, this is the absolute choice to add into their kitchen. The cream comes in a 16 ounces jar, and a single spread is enough to enjoy the flavors.



Suitable for most foods

Easy to spread


Might harden if left in the refrigerator for too long