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Kikkerland Police Badge – Stainless Steel Bottle Opener

Most people would agree that there is nothing fancy about opening a beer bottle when you have a party in your house. It is merely because what matters most is the beer and not the cap or bottle. But, how about you spice things up by keeping a style in all the aspects of your party? By this, it means having unique pieces from the bottle holders, coasters and openers. In this case, why not choose this police badge bottle opener for your home bar or hotel. Alternatively, you can get one for your friends as a novelty gift.

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Detailed information about Kikkerland Police Badge – Stainless Steel Bottle Opener

The police badge bottle opener from Kikkerland is made of sturdy stainless steel metal with a sleek top finish. The material is designed to withstand the repeated pressure exerted on it while opening plenty of bottles. And just like a police badge, the bottle opener is articulate in detail and takes the real badge's design. Also, it has a carefully crafted hole at the center to help you pop the bottle caps.

The opener is nearly the size of a credit card and can fit in your pocket. So, next time you have to carry one with you let's say for a picnic, you are good to go with this one. The opener is ultrathin; approximately 1/16 inches which is pretty small to fit inside your purse. It makes up a lovely gift for buddies that enjoy the awesome drinking moments.