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Chaos Ready Tactical Pen – Self Defense Tool

Police officers face series of risky affairs in their line of work. As a friend to one, it is your role to support them and help them in the best way you can. It not only means having their emotions at heart but also appreciating the excellent job they do.

On this note, you can get a police officer a gift that they can relate to and still help them in the day-to-day life. This Chaos ready defense tool will come in handy and probably save them in tricky situations.

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Detailed information about Chaos Ready Tactical Pen – Self Defense Tool

The tool comes as a tactical pen packed with additional features. They include:

  • A Tungsten carbide glass breaker which has a perfect edge for breaking glass when they need to free themselves.
  • A LED flashlight that helps them to access the darkest of places in their operations. It uses batteries that last 200 hours.
  • The DNA catcher that allows a police officer to prick an attacker. It not only causes pain but also collects the DNA which can be useful in future investigations.
  • A pressurized ink cartridge that can write under any conditions. Think of under the rain, upside down, and in extreme temperatures. It is refillable using standard ink and writes as well as the usual pen would do.
  • A spring steel pocket clip which allows the police officer to fit the tactical tool in the bag, purse or pocket.