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‘Blessings to The Teacher Touches a Heart’ Keyring

It’s around school opening period everywhere around the globe. As much as going back to school sometimes feels sad, it is vital. Most times, we forget about the key players in this phase of life where education impacts life positively. It is therefore essential to appreciate teachers or teacher-figures for an excellent job.

This keyring, meaningful but straightforward is of the gifts you can get a teacher as a small token of appreciation. It might not seem as impactful to many but what matters is the thought that you care. The key ring can be a gift for a teacher’s special day or a random school day to show the love.

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Detailed information about ‘Blessings to The Teacher Touches a Heart’ Keyring

The keyring is made of high-quality stainless steel which ensures it lasts a long time in the right condition. It is etched for the extra detail and to add a personal taste. Also, the key ring has an epoxy-filled embossed medallion and an enameled charm for the style. These features make the keychain stand out from the usual. That's not all; it has a heart-warming message for the special teacher.

  • Quality material and construction
  • Warm messaged on both sides of the key ring
  • Additional charm for style
  • None