5 Picture Puzzles That Will Have Your Whole Family Putting It Together!

The idea of trying to get your family to sit down together to complete a whole puzzle could be a pipedream for most households, however, if you have the right puzzle, you can easily get everyone involved. With kids, the most important thing is making putting the puzzle together a fun activity with a mysterious ending and for adults, you’ll want to make sure you choose one that is easy enough to where you won’t have to worry about everyone else getting frustrated.

With all of that being said, we’ve picked the five best picture puzzles for your entire family that you’ll love to put together at any time of the year.

1. Buffalo Games/Aimee Stewart – The Family Campsite

Buffalo Games/Aimee Stewart - The Family Campsite


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Planning a family trip in the future? The Buffalo Games/Aimee Stewart – The Family Campsite is a great way to get the whole family excited about your upcoming trip as it offers a picturesque setting that features a ton of unique and interesting focal points that the kids will be sure to love. With the brilliant and vibrant colors, you can even put the puzzle together and display it at your cabin or cottage as a beautiful piece of artwork.

The puzzle is 26.75 x 19.75 inches and it has 1000 pieces which will surely keep your whole family entertained for a long time. You’ll also receive a bonus poster in the package which can be used to help you solve the puzzle faster.

Manufactured in the United States using premium quality materials, it’s one of the best family-friendly puzzles on the market.

2. Buffalo Games/Adorable Animals – Picnic Raiders

Buffalo Games - Adorable Animals - Picnic Raiders - 300 Large Piece Jigsaw Puzzle


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If you’re a fan of funny and pesky pets, the Buffalo Games/Adorable Animals – Picnic Raiders puzzle will surely be a hit amongst the adults and children in your family. Compared to The Family Campsite, this particular puzzle only has 300 pieces, which will make it slightly easier for young children to do either with your help or on their own. With adorable and memorable characters such as puppies, ducks, loons, and even squirrels, you’ll love the finished look of all the animals enjoying a delicious picnic in the middle of summer!

You’ll receive a bonus poster in your order to help you with finishing the puzzle and the final puzzle size is 21.25 by 15 inches.

3. MasterPieces Glow in the Dark Robots

MasterPieces Glow in the Dark Robots - 100 Piece Kids Puzzle


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Who doesn’t love the idea of robots? The MasterPieces Glow in the Dark Robots has something for everyone as adults will love the challenge of the puzzle and kids will fall in love with the vibrant glow in the dark pattern that’s easily visible at night. You can also transform this puzzle into a great piece of art for your kid’s bedroom or playroom that can also double as a nightlight.

Built with 100 pieces total, it’s a phenomenal family-friendly puzzle that you’ll be able to complete in a single day. It’s also constructed in the United States with high-quality thick puzzle board for the easiest interlocking possible and the final puzzle size is 11.5 inches by 15 inches.

4. Springbok Puzzles – Pencil Pushers

Springbok Puzzles - Marble Madness & Pencil Pushers Bundle

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Finding a colorful puzzle is a great way to entice the whole family to get together and finish a project that is equally as fun as it is useful. With the right puzzle, you’ll not only have a great activity for a rainy day, but you can also display it around your home, such as the Springbok Puzzles – Pencil Pushers. This particular puzzle falls in between a beginner and advanced puzzle, which means that everyone in the family will find joy in partaking in the project.

With 500 puzzle pieces that create an 18 by 23.5-inch puzzle, you’ll easily be able to put it together and then decide whether you want to frame it or not. All of the pieces are designed specifically with high-quality cardboard that is 18% thicker than the industry standard and a unique cut that helps to make interlocking the pieces much simpler. Also, the cardboard is entirely eco-friendly and is organic and sustainably sourced without the use of toxic inks.

Designed with all of the colors of the rainbow trickling down into a puddle of colors at the bottom of the puzzle, it’s surely the most bright and vibrant puzzle on this list that your kids will love.

5. Ceaco/Thomas Kinkade 4-in-1 Disney Puzzles

Ceaco Thomas Kinkade 4-in-1 Multi Pack Disney Puzzles (500 Piece)


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As a perfect option for someone who is looking for multiple puzzles without having to buy them individually, the Ceaco/Thomas Kinkade 4-in-1 Disney Puzzles have everything that you need for a fun family activity. Everyone loves Disney movies and with four of the most iconic picturesque scenes from movies such as Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, and Beauty and the Beast, you’ll have a lot of fun putting them together.

Each of the 4 puzzles come with 500 pieces that are constructed using the highest industry standards that help the pieces to withstand continuous wear and tear. Also, each puzzle measures 18 by 14 inches when they are fully assembled and are absolutely magical to look at.

If you’re interested in creating a Disney-theme child’s room or nursery, these puzzles are a fun activity that can also double as artwork to display throughout your home.

Family-Friendly Puzzles are Fantastic!

No matter if you’re looking for an activity for everyone to do on a rainy day or if you simply want to get the family together to finish a project in a single afternoon, puzzles are a phenomenal option. There are plenty of things that you can use them for as well, whether you want to give the finished design as a present or if you want to break it apart and put it back together again in the future.

With the help of these five fantastic puzzles that are great for children and adults alike, you can guarantee that everyone in the family will be waiting for the weekend or a rainy day to use their minds and creativity.

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