Personalized Birthday Gift Box for Wine or Liquor

This personalized wine or liquor gift box made by Dust and Things is a unique way to celebrate a loved one’s birthday. The beautiful craftsmanship and attention to detail is the first thing that will be noticed when this gift is given. The Dust and

Things company is a small family owned business in South Wales that specializes and excels at crafting personalized engraved gifts to celebrate that someone special in everyone’s life.

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Detailed information about Personalized Birthday Gift Box for Wine or Liquor

This wine or liquor box is crafted out of beautifully grained FSC oak that has been painstakingly smoothed and lacquered, and fitted with a chrome clasp that is sturdy, as well as stainless steel hinges.

The engraving is finished off with a stain that is slightly darker than the wood that the box is made from so the text will stand out as the star of the show. Simply add a favorite libation of choice and this unique gift is ready for the giving. It is so lovely that no extra wrapping is required.

What a special way to present a fine wine, an aged whiskey or any special vintage that comes to mind. When the bottle has been finished off and the box is empty, what a wonderful way to store keepsakes and other items.


Skillfully handcrafted out of FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) oak hardwood for beauty and durability

The meticulously detailed engraving is lightly stained to stand out

Perfect size for holding a bottle of vintage wine or standard liquor bottle