Original Travel Journal – Scratch Off World Map Diary

If you are looking for a memorable meaningful gift for an avid traveler in your life you should give this scratch-off world map diary by Luckies of London ltd a serious thought. Travelers are always away, and it might be a bit challenging to get the right gift that they can find useful while on tour. While it’s possible that they might be having a map in their possession, it might not be as cool and great this scratch-off world map.

We all been traveling and wished we had a little journal to write down our journeys, now know someone who headed out? Gift them with this perfect keepsake!

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Detailed information about Original Travel Journal – Scratch Off World Map Diary

Not only will this map be a useful travel accessory to a traveler, but it will also help them keep track of their travels and document their experiences of the places they visit. The scratch-off world map diary is one of the best maps from the Original Scratch Map Company, Luckies of London Ltd. It contains eight unique scratch maps. Each of these maps represents a different region of the world to enable the traveler mark off the places they have visited and identify their next destination.

But what makes this scratch off the map a great choice is the 64 pages travel diary to enable one to document their experiences and write down important notes and messages of each place they visit. Traveling is is an exciting and great way to discover new places, to experience new cultures and meet with different people. Each of these encounters makes a great memory. The only way to capture each of all these great experiences is to document them by jotting down the highlights of the journey to ensure nothing is forgotten.


The map allows one to scratch-off places visited

It has a travel diary for recording essential notes and messages

The journal is designed with compartments for storing essential paper memorabilia

Its small enough to fit in a backpack or a pocket