NoCry Cut Resistant Gloves Level 5

NoCry has developed the most ingenious solution for avoiding any minor or major injuries in the kitchen. Their Cut Resistant Gloves will ensure that cooks are protected when cutting, peeling, grating as well as during any activities that involve sharp blades.

The gloves are made with ultra molecular polyethylene, glass fibre and Spandex which are designed to resist cuts from the sharpest blades. They’re 4x stronger than leather and were awarded with the EN388 level 5 cut resistance rating. With the highest rating for cut protection you know these bad boys will keep hands safe during any activity! Another fantastic feature is its easy care. The gloves can be machine-washed with regular laundry and will remain in pristine condition. That way if you handle food, like onions or spill some liquid, like ketchup they can be cleaned of dirt and smell.

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Detailed information about NoCry Cut Resistant Gloves Level 5

They come in 3 different sizes: small, medium and large, allowing for a snug hold around the hand so no accidental slips happen. Light-weight, thin and soft to the touch, NoCry’s gloves are the perfect accessory for the kitchen. This also means your fingers will be able to move comfortably without any bulky obstructions. Plus, the material provides a strong, firm grip on slippery objects. You’ll never drop a glass in your life!

These Cut Resistant Gloves are the most fabulous gift you could give, especially for avid cooks. They’ll get the perfect cut every time because now, they won’t have to worry about cutting themselves. It’s a great gift that’s practical for the whole family. There’ll be no more cries of pain that come from a knick, scratch or slice because these gloves, have got you covered! If anything, it’ll have the side-effect of making you a better cook. Sharper knives and mandolins will assure you get the finest slices for optimal flavor and presentation.