Neon Light Sign – Do What You Love

If you have been invited to a housewarming party, or you are getting a gift for a colleague in your office, you would want to look for a unique office or home gifts. Or you could be planning to surprise a dear friend or a loved one who works at home with a lovely home and office gift. If you are racking your brain wondering what kind of gift is suitable for their home or office space, don’t worry yourself.

This awesome Neon Light Sign from KUKUU is a worthy purchase that will make a wonderful gift to the receiver. Its one of the coolest products you will lay hands on and you will probably want to get one for yourself as well when you give it out. Its trendy, and bright and will certainly make a difference in a home or office space.

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Detailed information about Neon Light Sign – Do What You Love

This elegant neon sign is handmade with real glass tube so you will not be getting the traditional or the usual LED plastic lights. It's made of the real stuff! In addition, the lights are low voltage meaning they are energy saving, so no need to worry about increased energy bills.

They are built for transformer input voltage of about 100-240V which basically works for most countries including US, Canada, UK, Australia, Japan European countries, etc. However, the lights come with a US plug. If you are getting the lights for someone living in other countries, they will need to get a power adapter for the sign.


The product comes with a one-year warranty and has a 30-day return policy

The neon sign lights are made of a real glass tube

The lights are energy saving and environmentally friendly

The light sign comes securely packaged for safe delivery