Navdy Augmented Reality GPS

What if there was a way to bring the virtual world into the world of driving all the while not risking your safety? Well, there actually is and no it has nothing to do with wearing a VR headset in your car, but it is a device that could nonetheless actually help you while driving. Wait, you’re saying that there is a device out there that will not distract me from driving that will bring the virtual world into my car as I drive and help me at the same time? Yep. Absolutely, which is why we here at That Sweet Gift now want to present to you the Navdy Augmented Reality GPS.

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Detailed information about Navdy Augmented Reality GPS

So, just what exactly is the Navdy Augmented Reality GPS? Well, first thing is that it is not just a GPS so do not think that it is. It is, but it’s not. Got it? The Navdy can do many things and many words can describe what it can do, but in simplest terms, the Navdy is an AI Smart, Augmented Reality, Projected personal assistant; for your car! Before you ask, you may be thinking that the Navdy will distract you from driving, but actually no, it does not. The Navdy works by utilizing augmented reality, bringing in the virtual world into the physical. The Navdy will project the image right through your windshield. So, enough of that, you want to know just what the Navdy can do. As already mentioned, the Navdy is a GPS but does much more. The GPS portion is run on Google maps and has built-in live traffic updates automatically re-routing you at any time for the best possible and fastest route to your destination. Next up, the Navdy is connected to your smartphone in which you can call, answer calls, and even text, yes text, all while not even looking at your phone once or even taking any hand off of the steering wheel. There can be much said about the Navdy, but truly, you will not know how great it is until you look at it first hand.