Disney Silver Plated Adjustable Pull Bracelet

It can be quite a task trying to find a suitable gift for a little girl. But, with the consideration of what interests them, you can manage to get something they will love. One of such items has to be in a Disney theme which is one of the favorites for little girls.

This Disney bracelet is one of such items and will go a long way in impressing the little girl. The bracelet can work well as a birthday gift or an additional element in a package of Disney themed gifts. With this, they can rock their Disney outfits and keep a piece with the theme.

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Detailed information about Disney Silver Plated Adjustable Pull Bracelet

The bracelet comes in a glossy silver plated color which matches almost everything the little girl wants to wear. It is quite thin, so it doesn't feel bulky for the little girl. She will practically forget she has a bracelet on. The bracelet design features a Mickey Mouse small face charm attached to the rest of the bracelet. This feature gives it the unique style that stands out from the usual bracelets.



Quality material

Beautiful Disney design

Pull-to-adjust design