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Pokémon Trainer Kit

We don’t know if you have noticed but it looks like the Pokémon are here to stay. You have probably found that nearly all the kids in your family are into these loveable and cute monster characters from Japan. Considering that the Pokémon monsters were first thought of in 1995, they have certainly lasted a long time and have invaded the worlds of computer games, collecting cards, anime and just about every toy genre.

It now looks like they are here to stay so you had better buy the children in your life some Pokémon merchandise before it runs out. Not only are the Pokémon a fun toy to play with they are also a collectors’ item which may in years to come become valuable. This Pokémon Trainer Kit from TOMY is just the toy for the discerning Pokémon follower.

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Detailed information about Pokémon Trainer Kit

The Trainer Kit contains two foam balls with glow-in-the-dark buttons so they can be thrown in the day or at night. There is a pouch that clips onto the child’s belt as well as a light-effect Mega Bracelet and a three inch tall articulated Mega Gengar Pokémon figure.

This Trainer kit is really suitable for children of four years and over because of the small parts. The foam balls are really easy to catch and throw and definitely won’t hurt the kids when they play with this particular kit.


This is a neat little Trainer Kit designed to sit inside a pouch

This will encourage your kids to use their imagination rather than sit in front of a television screen all the time

The foam balls won’t hurt when they throw them at the other kids

The glow-in-the-dark buttons show up in the dark so the game can be played at night time too