My Neighbor Totoro Shirt

When it comes to cartoons that tug at your heartstrings, no one quite does it like the Studio Ghibli films. If you have never heard of Studio Ghibli before, it is an animation company from Japan that creates visually stunning animations accompanied by a storyline that is both lighthearted and magical.

The influence of Studio Ghibli has reached global status and is enjoyed by a lot of people, spawning a ton of fans all over the world, young and old alike. With that in mind, you probably know someone celebrating a special occasion and is in dire need of a gift that speaks to them.

This special someone happens to be an avid fan of the Ghibli films, so obviously you need to give them something Ghibli related but at the same time is functional and something they will like.

This is where this pullover sweatshirt from UGET comes in. With a frontal design of Studio Ghibli’s most famous film (arguably), My Neighbor Totoro, this comfortable and high-quality sweater is a must-have for anime lovers.

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Detailed information about My Neighbor Totoro Shirt

We love how the design shows all the main characters in the film, including Totoro, the huge and playful forest spirit sisters Mei and Satsuke befriended in their new village, the other notable spirit creatures and of course, Mei and Satsuke riding the famous cat bus.

This fantastical Japanese anime from the late 1980s is immortalized on this lovely anime themed jacket made with a blend of Polyester and Spandex for your recipient to love and appreciate over and over again on those cold autumn nights.



High quality print

Comes in black and gray