CJ&M ‘My Hero My Daddy’ Guitar Pick

His once very little girl has grown to be a fine woman, and now she has found the man of her dreams. But before he walks her down the aisle to hand her over to her future husband, you want him to have something special that will forever remind him that you will always remain to be his little girl.

Choosing the perfect gift for the father of the bride can be a weighty task. Men, particularly fathers, are notoriously hard to impress with gifts. But not when it’s coming from his adorable daughter on her wedding day.

Even though we believe the father-daughter relationship will help determine the perfect gift, we are pretty sure any father of the bride will feel proud to receive this custom guitar pick by CJ $ M.

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Detailed information about CJ&M ‘My Hero My Daddy’ Guitar Pick

Every girl grows up knowing that her father is her hero and that she can always feel safe around him. That doesn't change when she gets married, and this gift item will always remind her dad of this fact for years to come.

If you look closely at the hand-stamped caption, you will notice each word stands out visibly. It will not fade for years to come; thus; we can say this will be a long-lasting keepsake for the father of the bride.


The product is made of stainless steel and professionally hand stamped

A unique gift idea that lets your dad know how special he is to you

Comes well packaged in a branded gift box