Munchkin Shakespeare Deluxe Game Fully Reviewed

Whoever said Shakespeare was boring has obviously never played this fun game from Steve Jackson Games. “Munchkin Shakespeare Deluxe” is the game for all English Literature geeks as well as those who couldn’t think of anything worse to do at High School. It is a game of deceit, slaying, betrayal and believe it or not, wordplay just like any regular Shakespearean play.

As well as having absolutely brilliant words there are also the illustrations of John Kovalik to make the game a bit more palatable.

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Remember that Shakespeare’s plays were written with the ordinary guy in the street in mind. His plays were the entertainment of the day and gave the ordinary guy something to think about, weep about and laugh about. With this game, there probably won’t be much to weep about but there will certainly be a lot to laugh about and we guarantee that you will enjoy every minute.

Buy this game for the family at Christmas or one of the kids on their birthday. If your family loves to play board games then give this one a go, but if you are new to board games then this will probably be one of the better ones with which to start.


One of Steve Jackson’s Munchkin Games

Educate the kids into the plots and jokes of the Immortal Bard (That’s William Shakespeare if you didn’t know)

This game will give your family up to two hours of fun per game