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Multiple Coloring Books

It is never easy to go through a tough time of sickness, trips to the hospital and admissions. But, with the right people around you, the process gets better each day. So, what could be a suitable gift for a mom, sister or friend that is ailing? These are the times they need most of the attention and care, and the best you could do is get them inspirational gifts.

One good example is this set from Multiple that is designed as a gift set for women. The kit has helpful items that will come in handy for a sick friend as they pull through the phase. It will undoubtedly keep the mind engaged and possibly keep them worry-free.

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Detailed information about Multiple Coloring Books

What comes in the get well soon set? The entire package, as mentioned is designed for women that are ailing. The set contains adult coloring basics that can keep them busy as they recuperate. It has two adult coloring books that feature beautiful flower and geometric patterns for the recipient to color.

Also included are 24 pre-sharpened coloring pencils in bright and bold colors. The pens have a specific sharpener designed for coloring pencils that is part of the package. Also, the pack has Chicken Soup for the Soul Word Find that they can use as a puzzle game. All these items come in a unique tote bag that has an inspirational message for the recipient.