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Get Well Soon Activity and Puzzle Book for Men – Paperback

There is nothing quite so boring as having to lie around and “get well”! Time drags and everything seems tiresome and arduous. Wishes for a speedy recovery and get well cards are thoughtful, and flowers and candy are nice, but none of these will help to pass the time in a fun and creative way. Well, this witty and challenging puzzle paperback is just what the doctor ordered to relieve the monotony!

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Detailed information about Get Well Soon Activity and Puzzle Book for Men – Paperback

This “Get Well Soon! Activity and Puzzle Book for Men” will keep your favorite patient mentally stimulated and their brain active even when they are physically down and out for a bit while they are recuperating or closed up in the hospital.

There is a little something to do for everyone out there! This book is sure to help while away the hours keeping sharp and having a laugh or two. Both of these things are great for the mending patient, and you never know, this puzzle and quiz collection may even help stimulate a speedy recovery, and it sure as heck wouldn’t hurt!


Over 113 pages of fun and entertaining activities
Several different types of puzzles and quizzes for a sound mental challenge
Hours of inventive fun to pass the time and elevate the patient’s mood and mind