Moon Ambient Light

Ahh, how the years have gone by. You and your spouse have gone through ups and downs throughout the years, and every anniversary marks another successful year of patience, understanding, loyalty, and love. But also every year, you face the incredible task of finding the right gift to commemorate your undying love.

When you are married for more than 5 years, the ability to surprise your partner through gifts is especially hard. Just when you feel like you have given a very nice gift to your loved one, a special product like the DIY Moon Ambient Light comes along. Not only is it a beautiful lamp that invokes romantic feelings, but you can also actually personalize it!

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Detailed information about Moon Ambient Light

With 6 decals and 2 number kits included, you can add in your anniversary date and more. It is also amazing how you can actually write on the moon lamp itself if you wish to put in your names or sweet nothings.

We are willing to bet this DIY romantic lamp will go down in your history as one of the best gifts your loved one received for your anniversary!


High quality

Surprisingly affordable for a customizable product

Ambient lighting sets the mood for romantic evenings