Security Cute Bear Fan

When the scorching sun finally shows up, there have to be solutions to keep calm even on the go. Sometimes, the hats, sunglasses, and liters of water might not work to cool down the extreme temperatures. But, it is not all lost, and there are mini fans to help in such situations. This cute bear design fan is excellent for travel, office and home use. It can be a great gift idea for friends, family, and coworkers.

The fan is made of ABS and quality silicone for a robust, stable design. It is pressure resistant and safe to use for everyone. The cute bear design makes it attractive together with the deep brown color. It is handheld and is light in weight. With this, one can switch it on to cool down for a few minutes. Therefore, it is a handy piece for beach walks, swimming, or a day at the park on a hot day.

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Detailed information about Security Cute Bear Fan

The fan has two speeds and a single switch. Pushing the button to the bottom switches the fan off. When accelerating it to the middle, the fan starts at a low rate and pushing all the way up increases to the highest speed. It is also USB rechargeable; charges up fast and the battery last longer on average use. It works well for the office, library and the outdoors as well.