Wellin Fun Sports: Mini Basketball Game Foldable Table

Sometimes, when you are soaked up in your daily office work, all you want is an exciting game that can take you away for a moment.

It means a small piece you can place on your desktop and play with it when you need to. Such items are not popular, but the best part is that they couple up as décor pieces as well.

The games not only pose a challenge for you to try but also help to relax your mind off the pressures of working all day.

This one unique piece from Wellin International is designed for sports lovers and would be a lovely home or office gift.

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Detailed information about Wellin Fun Sports: Mini Basketball Game Foldable Table

The game set comes as a piece resembling the basketball court. It has all pieces attached to one base, and therefore you do not need to set up anything.

The entire piece is foldable to allow secure storage after use. You set the small ball on the designated slot and slap the trigger to shoot the ball up the ring.

You can repeat as much as you wish until you have your best shot. This game is suitable for playing with kids and adults as well.

If your friend loves basketball, then you can consider getting this piece as a gift for an upcoming occasion.

One significant advantage is that it is compact and you can carry it around as you like. With this, your evening parties with friends will never have to be boring.



Perfect sizing and lightweight too

Will make a great addition to any room