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Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Hot Diggity Dance & Play

Kids are pretty an amazing lot to gift, and they equally deserve adorable gifts. If you are looking for kid’s gift ideas, then you have come to the right place. The little ones will love anything that entertains and makes them laugh. That’s why cartoons and Disney Junior continue to rock our screens decades later with entertaining shows that keep the young ones glued on TV.

Most of us have grown up singing along to the iconic Hot Dog song that introduces every episode of Mickey Mouse Club House, one of the most popular and probably most watched series show in Disney Junior. Now you can imagine the joy when the young ones get a chance to sing and dance along this interesting song through a device that looks exactly like Mickey himself!

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It will be amazing for them to hear Mickey's voice off screen as he plays and asks "what's that sound?" and the guessing game begins. This will be worth every penny, and their smiles and delight will be priceless.

This interactive plush Mickey Mouse feature comes adorably dressed in a cool t-shirt that lights up when the music starts. It dances sweetly to the hotdog song, and it can actually play, dance freeze and make Mickey sounds.

This will be pretty cool for the kids, and they will without a doubt find it amazing and fascinating. They will have fun dancing and singing along to the music and even freeze when the music stops. How cool is that?! It will not only play the music and dance, but it will also spin and wiggle just like Mickey.


A great gift idea for the kids from ages 3 months and above

It’s fun, interactive and engaging for the kids

Sings, dances and plays the Mickey Mouse Hotdog song

The T-shirt lights up when the music starts playing


Some versions don’t sing the correct version of Mickey Mouse hotdog song