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MasterChef Junior Cooking Essentials Set

The television show MasterChef is popular in many different countries and it isn’t only foodies and food critics that watch it either. MasterChef is renowned for giving entertainment to and attracting whole families. To be sure, MasterChef is good clean wholesome television that is suitable for all ages; it is educational and fun and attracts its share of youngsters as well.

The kit includes everything a kid needs to cook: an apron; cutting board; measuring cups; measuring spoons; mixing bowl; spatula; tongs and spoon. It also provides three recipe cards for every level of experience plus a blank recipe card for the young chef to write their own recipe. All the cookery tools are completely nontoxic and have child safe, non-slip silicon handles and grips.

The manufacturer recommends that anyone from the age of six years and up can use this kit, but really that will depend on the maturity of your child and which recipe they choose. It is therefore up to you, but whichever age the kids are at, they will need adult supervision at all times. Yes, this kit provides everything except the food and the cooker (if the recipe needs it).

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Detailed information about MasterChef Junior Cooking Essentials Set

All together there are five different MasterChef Junior cooking sets. There is the ‘Cooking Essentials Set’; The ‘Junior Knife and Cutting Board Set’; The ‘Junior Cookbook’; The ‘Junior Breakfast Set’; The ‘Junior Pizza Cooking Set’.

The type of recipes supplied depends on the type of set you choose to buy and each set has recipes to suit the ‘Line Chef’, the ‘Sous Chef’ and the ‘Master Chef’ depending on how advanced your budding chef really is. The breakfast set for example includes pancakes; stuffed French toast and others.  The different sets will teach the child to be patient, precise and more importantly to practice until the end product is exactly what they want to achieve. As the child’s skills improve and they become more confident so they will be able to add their own little tweaks to the recipes or even develop their own.


The complete range of MasterChef Junior Cooking Sets is not only a great educational aid for children of all ages but is fun too

All the cooking tools are designed with children’s small hands in mind

Even if the kids don’t become professional chefs when they grow up, these cookery sets will teach them valuable life skills and instill important knowledge of nutrition