Make-Up Vanity Mirror with LED Lights

Women have been using makeup ever for as long as we can remember. As the years go by, it has become a weapon for self-expression and enhancement of beauty. In every era since the inception of makeup, we saw how this art form evolved and defined beauty and power for every person, male or female, who have used it.

At this day and age, makeup is as popular as it was before, if not more. Becoming a true and recognized art form, makeup artists have become celebrities in their own right as they score millions of views on Youtube and lucrative deals, collaborations and the like. After all, not all of us can afford a makeup artist, but armed with an internet connection and a trusty Vanity mirror, we too can enhance our beauty the way we see fit.

And that is how we found the Hollywood Makeup Vanity Mirror with LED lights by Chende.

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Detailed information about Make-Up Vanity Mirror with LED Lights

With 12 LED light bulbs strategically placed around the vanity mirror, we are sure you will be able to blend out those eyeshadow colors better and with ease. This frameless, lighted mirror can be hung on a wall or sit on your dresser or cosmetics table, which makes it a breeze to grab your brushes and other makeup because everything is just at arm’s length.

Setting up the mirror is also very easy since you only need a few screws here and there to secure this already stable mirror.


LED bulbs are good for the eyes and the environment as it saves energy

Easy to install


A little bit pricey