Luminoodle LED Rope Light

You will never purchase another flashlight again once you see the powerful light emanating from this innovative product! The Luminoodle is so much more than your average rope light. Coming in at either five or ten feet, all you need to do is plug it into any USB source, like a charged-up, wireless phone charger, and place the rope anywhere you like! With noodle ties, embedded magnets, and a utility loop, you can hang this light up virtually anywhere to brighten the environment.

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Detailed information about Luminoodle LED Rope Light

This rope light doubles as a tent light, hiking light, or even a car lamp. You can also hang it up behind your flat screen at home for a beautiful backlight. This will even work as a lantern! The carrying bag that it comes with, doubles as a reflector of light from within, so simply stuff the rope light into the bag and place your lantern anywhere you’d like! You will never have to deal with the pesky heat that usually comes from other lanterns, or worry about the rope light getting wet, as it is completely waterproof!