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Love Letters of Great Men

For anyone who enjoyed the movie “Sex and the City”, in which a book of love letters was featured. We will bet they have been trying to find a copy everywhere. Well, there is some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that the book featured in the movie, entitled “Love Letters of Great Men” did not exist and the book featured in the movie was a prop.

The good news is however that someone has decided to publish a book of the same name and aimed at the same readership audience. “Love Letters of Great Men” compiled by Beacon Hill is the book in question. Although, sadly it isn’t the same book as in the Movie, it tries very hard to be. It contains all the love letters featured in the movie as well as many more letters and some love poems too.

Poems were written by important people in our history talking of their torrid love affairs, their devotion and the scandalous betrayals of there life.

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This book comes in two different formats. One is a hardcover edition so that it can sit on your coffee table or in your book collection on the shelf, ready for a guest or special friend to browse through and start up a discussion about it. The other is a paperback that is just perfect for slipping into the pocket of coat or rucksack and bringing out when on a long train ride or bus journey, or even break time at work or school.

This is a book containing some of the most romantic and passionate love letters and poems ever written by famous men and women from history. Just listen to these people talk of their torrid love affairs, their devotion and the scandalous betrayals as your loved one reads the correspondences between great kings, philosophers and war heroes with their lovers, mistresses and wives. The selection comes from a period spanning five centuries and illustrates just how important and strong are the impulses that power the human desire for sex, love and passion.


This book is a must have gift for anyone who is or who wants to be more romantic with their loved one.

It contains some of the love letters written by some of the great members of royalty and other celebrities of their eras