[email protected] Technology Keyboard Mouse Combo

If someone you know spends a lot of time on the keyboard, whether it is for work purposes or for recreational gaming, it is nice to have a keyboard and mouse combo that combines all the various gimmicks and gadgets needed for a satisfying experience.

It is a fact that users become accustomed to the feel of their keyboard and mouse and if they don’t have everything right there at their fingertips their performance (work or gaming) can suffer.

There are a few extras that most people would prefer to have on a customized keyboard and mouse, such as a built-in cooler, variable backlit keys, a stable keyboard stand with adjustable height, programmable buttons on the mouse, ergonomically designed mouse and compatibility with every popular operating system.

This combo from [email protected] has all of these extras plus more.

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Detailed information about [email protected] Technology Keyboard Mouse Combo

It is a wired gaming keyboard and mouse set that comes in 12 different colors and designs. It has a slot that will fit most smartphones so it is always in view. It also has a purposefully made slot to hold a cigarette lighter (don’t know why they have included that!).

Moving back into the mainstream again, the keyboard has a built-in cooling circuit especially for frantic gaming so that the user’s experience can be as comfortable as possible.

The keyboard is also ergonomically designed and the keys respond to the lightest of touches. This particular keyboard has a sky blue backlight but depending on the color combination chosen this may vary. The backlight is variable just by pressing a combination of keys.



Perfect for gaming and standard computer work

Ergonomically designed keyboard and mouse

Comes in a variety of different color schemes

Built to take heavy gaming use

Comes with a built-in cooling circuit