Lenovo Smart Tab M10 Android Tablet

Many people use Amazon’s Alexa to provide them with a voice-controlled managed internet experience as well as being able to control the Smart Home. Alexa is voice activated and controlled and can be the user’s personal assistant when it comes to finding information, watching videos, listening to music, adding appointments in the calendar and sending emails to contacts.

All the user needs to do is preface any instruction with the word “Alexa” and the built-in computer takes over and carries out the instruction. Alexa is the software that is installed onto the Amazon range of Echo devices, its use is really popular at present and is growing exponentially as more and more people realize the usefulness of voice control rather than controlling the onboard computer by traditional keyboard and mouse input methods.

One of the problems with Alexa, however, is that unless the purchaser wants to spend a lot of money, the default output interface is usually just a speaker built into the Echo device. The Lenovo Smart Tab M10 from Lenovo is a very clever way around this problem.

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Detailed information about Lenovo Smart Tab M10 Android Tablet

It is a docking device for a Lenovo Table that has Alexa already installed. This allows the tablet to be an output screen for whatever the user has asked Alexa to do. Just drop the Lenovo Tablet into the docking device for its batteries to charge at the same time as Alexa uses the screen for video output.

The docking station also incorporates two 3W full range surround sound speakers powered by Dolby Atmos. The Lenovo tablet has a full HD video display with a 10.1” screen and two dual front speakers.

This particular model has a 1.8GHz processor, 3 GB RAM, 32 GB ROM, and up to 256 GB micro SD memory card support. There are other compatible Lenovo tablets with other specifications from the same supplier if desired.


Amazing combo deal of a Lenovo 10.1” Tablet and an Amazon Alexa charging docking station

Turns the Tablet into an Alexa video smart-screen

Remove the Lenovo from the dock and it is a tablet again

Three different RAM/ROM combinations are available