Journeys of a Lifetime: World’s Greatest Trips

Anyone who has read any of the National Geographic magazines or watched their television productions will know that the people behind National Geographic are the experts in educational travel stories. This readable book “Journeys of a Lifetime: 500 of the World’s Greatest Trips” produced by National Geographic is one of the most lavish and authoritative books on travel journeys you can buy. It contains National Geographic’s top choices for the most fabulous journeys.

Each journey is written by one of National Geographic’s travel writers and the whole book is a compilation of their favorite trips. This book is really inspirational and covers the globe to highlight the best of the Earth’s travel destinations and journeys whether they are already famous or relatively not so well known.

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Detailed information about Journeys of a Lifetime: World’s Greatest Trips

This 400 paged book, first published in 2007, is a brilliant resource for those of us who love to travel but have become jaded with ordinary, boring trips. It is also an educational and entertaining book for the stay at home traveler to read and enjoy in the comfort of their own living room. Some of the featured journeys include Mountain biking in Transylvania; Hiking on Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania; Driving through the Highlands of Scotland; or relaxing on the famous Ghan train rolling serenely through the Australian Outback.

There are many more journeys to look at in this book including twenty-two fun Top 10 lists in all sorts of categories, such as the world’s 10 best elevator rides; 10 best bridges on which to walk; 10 most unusual ancient highways or top 10 underground walking routes. Anyone who reads this will want to discuss with friends the merits and problems associated with each one and debate whether their bucket list matches the experts’.


This is a quality book, just what everyone has come to expect from National Geographic

Perfect for planning a “Bucket List” or maybe just to read by the fireside