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Hook & Albert Men’s Black Leather Travel Bag

Have you someone in your life who travels a lot? Perhaps it is someone who travels for work or maybe for pleasure or maybe just for the occasional weekend away. If you do, then you will know the problems of keeping a business suit or tuxedo neatly pressed, and shoes separate from the fabrics. As well as the logistics of fitting everything into one bag, there is also the problem of keeping the bag small enough to suit most aircraft carry-on dimensions. The last thing that is needed is an extra charge just because the bag is slightly larger than standard.

This Men’s Black Leather Garment Weekender Bag from Hook and Albert is probably the answer to the problem. The bag meets all domestic and international carry on dimension requirements, measuring 22” x 13” x 9” and only weighs 4.25lb. The bag is made from top quality black leather and as well as having two hand grips, also has a black shoulder strap.

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Detailed information about Hook & Albert Men’s Black Leather Travel Bag

This bag, however, is not like a regular bag. Once it is unzipped it lays out flat and has a large zippered compartment that will hold a full three-piece suit, a collared shirt as well as a hanger. There is also room for a washbag and other items such as socks and underwear. As well as all these there are also two separate pockets that will hold one shoe in each.

This is the perfect gift for the man in your life, whether it is your son who has just finished university and has started his first job, or your husband, partner or boyfriend who finds he is always travelling with work. It will also be welcomed by your dad who has retired and now likes to travel with your mother and see the places they couldn’t see when they worked.


When zippered up, it looks just like a regular piece of hand luggage of dimensions to suit domestic and international carry-on baggage

When unzipped, it lays flat and has compartments for a shirt and suit on a hanger as well as shoes, washbag and all the other little accessories

Just what the man in your life needs to help him on his travels