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Alef Bet Jewelry – Love, Hope & Dream Necklace

The best way to celebrate a Jewish girl on her Bat Mitzvah is to give her a gift that will inspire her, make her hope and dream and at the same time feel loved. If you are looking for a perfect, that will do all that and still put a smile in her face, count yourself lucky as you just landed her the best Bat Mitzvah gift to mark and celebrate this special moment in her life.

This sterling silver necklace for girls from Alef Bet Jewelry will be an excellent gift to commemorate this special moment in her life. It’s a triple necklace that features three beautiful charms that carry the words Love, Hope and Dream.

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Detailed information about Alef Bet Jewelry – Love, Hope & Dream Necklace

On this special day, this young girl needs assurance that she is loved and that she can hope and dream big. This is an inspirational necklace that when given as a gift, it's designed to make her feel loved, bless and bestow happiness in her life. This will be a gift full of promises and assurance that she can fulfill her dreams surrounded with love.

This is a beautiful necklace that any girl or woman will be proud to own. Each charm measures approximately 5/8", ¼," and ½" and they sit upon each other on a 16" chain to nestle nicely on the chest. This product is nickel free and allergy free. It's absolutely safe on the skin, and you will not have to worry about discoloration and other related problems.


A well-designed silver necklace perfect for any outfit

Designed with three charms representing words of success

Comes beautifully wrapped ready for gifting