Jewelry Box – Made of Honor Keepsake

Most times people send out cards, flowers, bottles of wine and the like as proposals for the bridal team. While this is easy to do, it might come across as the usual and monotonous. If you like unique gifts, then you ought to get an equally meaningful gift while putting together a maid of honor proposal box.

This jewelry box from J Devlin is one of the items that will not only work as a proposal gift but also as a lifetime keepsake for the special lady. It is one of the few that stand out which makes it a preferable option. So, what makes it worth a buy?

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Detailed information about Jewelry Box – Made of Honor Keepsake

First, the design of this J Devlin Jewelry Box - Made of Honor Keepsake. This jewelry box is detailed. It features pale blue sides, a polished beveled top and an iridescent glass bottom. The glassy look makes it a beautiful piece not only for jewelry use but also as a decorative piece. The beautiful feet have beaded edging giving it a vintage look. The black frames and the pale blue of the glass complement making the box a suitable decorative piece in any space.

The jewelry box comes with an option to personalize it for the mother of the bride, maid of honor, bridesmaids, etc.

  • Lovely vintage look
  • Quality glass
  • Can be personalized
  • None