Japanese Teacup Gift Set in Wooden Gift Box by MIYA

There is nothing more relaxing than enjoying a great cup of tea, except when enjoying that tea out of a beautiful cup.

This set of Japanese teacups by MIYA are lovely to look at and a sheer joy to hold. Afternoon tea just got a whole lot more sophisticated!

This ornately and uniquely decorated set is the ultimate treat for creating a genuinely authentic Japanese tea-time gift experience.

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Detailed information about Japanese Teacup Gift Set in Wooden Gift Box by MIYA

The MIYA company is well known for its lovely Asian inspired stoneware creations, and in particular for their Janapese style cups and tea sets.

This set of five elegantly designed and decorated Japanese stoneware teacups adds a bit of ceremony to the run of the mill afternoon tea break.

The set adds a touch of panache along with a splash of flair and sophistication at the same time.

Everything will taste better when sipped out of these stunning cups, and they are sure to elevate even the plainest brew to something a cut above the norm.


Genuine Japanese stoneware manufactured in Japan

Beautifully painted and glazed, also guaranteed to be free of lead

Each cup with an individual and unique design

Comes packaged in a lovely wooden crate ready for giving