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Premium Insulated 2 Bottle Wine Carrier Tote Bag

Almost everyone likes a picnic, whether it is on the beach, in the park or in the garden, and lots of people like to drink wine with their food. There is always a problem with eating and drinking outside, not just with wine but with any kind of drink actually, and that is to keep the containers at the correct temperature for drinking. Very few people like warm white wine, beer or soda and that is just what will happen unless you buy for your family and friends the Premium Insulated Two Bottle wine Carrier Tote Bag.

Just because the bag is called a wine carrier doesn’t mean that wine must be carried. It will work just as well if the containers contain soda, beer or even water. The thermal insulation will keep the beverage at the optimum temperature for drinking. It even has a shoulder strap to keep hands free for carrying the food and also contains a corkscrew wine bottle opener for those times when your wine connoisseur friend really is carrying their favourite vintage.

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Detailed information about Premium Insulated 2 Bottle Wine Carrier Tote Bag

Just think how pleased your friend will be when they unwrap this wonderful gift this Christmas (I expect they will be even more pleased if there are a couple of bottles already in it as well). The padded lining of this great bottle carrier will help protect the bottles from breaking when being carried around and the thermal insulation will help keep the beverage at the temperature that is best, whether that is room temperature or chilled.

The shoulder strap is fully adjustable and completely detachable if you wish to use the padded hand straps instead. There is an interior flap that makes sure the wine bottles will fit irrespective of their size and also serves as a padded divider. The wine carrier is closed by means of a zipper and there is even a side pocket that allows even more things to be stored.


• Will keep the bottles at optimum temperature for drinking.
• Big enough to hold two standard sized wine bottles (or three bottles if you choose that option).
• Comes with a corkscrew and bottle opener.
• Option to buy a collapsible and unbreakable wine glass.


• Does not come with the bottles of wine