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Blazin Watermelon Tap

Some people just have a natural talent for gift-giving, providing friends and family unusual gifts that bewilder, excite and scratch their heads in the process.

While everyone is out here giving cards, food baskets, shirts and all the other conventional stuff you get in the malls, you are eyeing this amazing and incredibly unique Blazin’ Watermelon Tap by Blazin’ Bison that no one, and we absolutely mean no one, in your family will ever think of.

And as you pat yourself on the back and congratulate yourself for a job well done in finding such an unusual present yet again, we want to tell you why you the Blazin’ Watermelon Tap is a great choice.

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Detailed information about Blazin Watermelon Tap

Firstly, it is exactly what it says it is – a tap that you can jab into a watermelon to turn it into a fruity keg.

Fill it up with your favorite drinks – whether it be alcohol, juices or even water, the watermelon tap will serve everyone in your family with ease by simply pulling the lever.

The faucet is also very easy to install, but you have to fix your watermelon first to serve as your little keg.

Simply cut the bottom of the watermelon flat to make it sturdy, cut out the top next, hollow the fruit out, then make a hole a bit smaller than the faucet shank.



A perfect summer gift

Very durable and high quality