If Only Sarcasm Burnt Calories – Pink Workout Tote

When it comes to yoga and gym, there are some personal essentials that every yoga practitioner or gym goer should invest in for obvious reasons. These include mats, towels, attires, water bottle, and other useful accessories. It only stands to reason that one will require a bag to carry in it all these stuff including the yoga mat.

The gym enthusiast or yoga lover in your life may already have a gym bag. But then again, one bag is not enough or as stylish and functional as this gym tote bag for women from Brooke & Jess Designs. It features a lovely design with funny gym fitness quotes that will leave the recipient and anyone else who reads them in stitches.

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Detailed information about If Only Sarcasm Burnt Calories – Pink Workout Tote

This bag combines style and functionality. It’s made of heavy duty material that is sturdy, firm and durable. The polycanvas 600D material is long-standing, easy to clean to spot clean and can withstand daily use without showing any signs of wear and tear. For a frequent gym goer, this bag would be a welcome gift and an everyday companion.

This zippered tote is quite roomy and functional. It measures approximately 20”x 14”x4” which is plenty of room to fit in towels, gym apparels, shoes, and other belongings and items that one might need in the gym.


The bag has a lovely design

It's made of sturdy and long-lasting material

It has enough room to fit in personal items

It's unique and has funny prints

Easy to spot clean

Available in different colors