How to Build Your Realistic Birthday Wish List

You’ve got a birthday coming up- how exciting! Undoubtedly you have friends and family who want to get you something special to celebrate, but sometimes coming up with the perfect idea can be beyond difficult. If you’ve ever experienced the frustration of trying to find the perfect gift, you should be able to relate. Instead of making your loved ones struggle to think of something, a birthday wish list is a perfect way to help get them inspired.

Selecting items for your wish list not only gives people a concrete set of ideas to choose from, it can also help inspire other ideas if someone still wants to get you something unique. It’s a perfect solution! However, what should you actually choose for your list? Yes, you want it to include items that you like. But what about things like price, or availability? Here are some tips to keep in mind.

Provide a Range of Prices

This is a big one to keep in mind. You should never assume the financial situation of anyone who will be shopping for you. Some people may be able to afford a nicer gift, while others may need to select something on the more affordable side. Of course you are thankful for any gift you receive (or you should be!) but the last thing you want is to make people feel pressured into getting you something that costs a lot of money.

Instead, create a list that includes a variety of items all at different price points. That way, people can feel comfortable getting you a gift at any price point while still feeling like they are getting you something that you will love. People can always choose to get you multiple gifts, but they also have the option to not spend a lot of money if they aren’t able to. No one feels guilty for not spending a lot, and you get gifts that you will enjoy- everybody wins!

Give Some Variety

When creating your wish list, don’t just stick with one type of item. Rather, provide a variety of items that allow friends and family to all choose something unique. This is your chance to really think about and research items you’d like to have, so don’t get stuck on one item and create a whole list out of it. Maybe you need (or want) a new wardrobe, but don’t give a list filled with just clothing items, for example.

People may already have an idea of what they want to get you, and this list can help them decide if they are making the right decision. For that reason, you should provide a list with a variety of items that showcase various things you want or like to do. If someone wants to get you a new item for your kitchen, they might be discouraged if you have no kitchen items on your list. If you enjoy cooking, include some fun utensils you want! That way, even if the person doesn’t have the specific item on your list, they know you’re interested in that type of items and are sure to love the gift they picked out.

Think of Things You Want, Not What You Need

There are likely plenty of items you could think of that you need in your life. Perhaps items to help you at home, or at work, these items are practical in nature and don’t scream “Happy Birthday!” For that reason, you shouldn’t include them on your birthday wish list. Friends and family want to use this as an opportunity to get you something fun that you will enjoy and won’t be happy to get you something that is just something you need. Instead, really use this birthday wish list as your chance to write down fun, special items that you would never purchase for yourself. You can always go out and buy items for yourself that you need, so don’t waste time writing them down for your wish list. Your family and friends will appreciate you giving them unique items that they can choose from (or use as inspiration). Save purchasing the new mop for another time!

Consult Your Bucket List

When thinking of a birthday wish list, most people think of concrete items to include that people can go out in purchase. There’s nothing wrong with that, but to give your list even more variety, why not include some “bucket list” type events you want to do? Maybe there’s a certain restaurant you’ve always wanted to try, or a play you’d love to see, maybe you want to go ziplining, or skydiving! Whatever it is, include a few of these items on your wish list as well. If a friend or family member has always wanted to do the same thing, they might decide to set it up and go with you. Not only are you getting a gift you want, you’re getting to share it with someone else! Like we mentioned earlier, make sure some of these events are more affordable, as a weekend getaway to California is not affordable for just the average person!

Don’t Go Too Abstract

Finally, when creating your list, don’t go too abstract when selecting your items. Feel free to be unique, but don’t turn your wish list into an impossible scavenger hunt! Always keep in mind that this list is meant to help people that are trying to do something nice for you. Don’t repay them by selecting items that they will not easily be able to find. Do use your imagination and try to think of fun things, but also use your best judgement and see if you’re selecting items that you can actually find easily either in stores or online.

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