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Honeymoonin – Funny Honeymoon T Shirt

Congratulations! You just got married. Finally, after months and months of coordinating with suppliers, event planners, cake decorators, visiting different venues and making sure everything will go right on your big day, it finally came and is now over.

Now time to sit back, relax and enjoy your marriage! But when we say sit back and relax, we do not really mean just hanging out in your new home with a bunch of gifted appliances and unopened presents just waiting for their turn to be opened. We mean the next best thing after getting married – the honeymoon!

And since you want to keep the romantic vibe going, you are probably honeymooning to a warm, tropical place where you will get lots of sun and relaxation. If not, that is fine too.

But either way, we are sure that you need to pack something light, will not take a lot of space and is super comfortable so you won’t worry about anything at all. With that said, we think you should definitely bring this Honeymoonin’ shirt from FAYALEQ.

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Detailed information about Honeymoonin – Funny Honeymoon T Shirt

This pretty and simple tee has the word “Honeymoonin” in black cursive lettering printed on it and the tee itself is pink, which is just adorable.

The sizes available range from Small to Extra Large, so you will definitely have a size for you or if you want to wear your shirts loose or tight, just size up and down according to your taste.


Very affordable but also high quality

Good range of sizes