HomeSmile Ring Trinket

When buying small and dainty pieces of jewelry for youngsters and teenaged girls this Christmas it is always worthwhile giving them something to keep the tiny pieces safe so they won’t be knocked onto the floor or behind the dressing table. This is where this lovely product from Homesmile comes into its own. It is a “Friends Gifts Ring Trinket Dish” designed to hold rings, ear studs, necklaces or pendants safely when undressing for bed or getting changed into another outfit.

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Detailed information about HomeSmile Ring Trinket

The trinket dish is made from high quality glazed ceramic and has the inspirational message “A True Friendship is a Journey Without End” written into the plate. This message reminds the reader that they should always be there for true friends and vice versa.

The square dish measures about 3.9” x 3.9” x 0.6” and has the message handwritten in black on the exposed upper surface. The edge has a gold painted line to enclose the dish and to finish off the simple yet effective decoration.


This is a lovely gift to give to any member of the family or a good friend to keep their jewelry safe

The dish is about 4” square so is large enough to hold just about all the jewelry a person can wear as well as their spectacles

Made from good quality and heavy glazed ceramic