His & Hers Matching Set Stainless Steel Necklaces

These beautiful matching pendants are the perfect anniversary gift for you and your significant other as a statement of your infinite bond and everlasting love! The interlocking rings done in the Korean love style are a simple and yet deep portrayal of the commitment and love that binds the two of you forever.

Due to the anodization process employed in the making of titanium stainless steel jewelry, the colors on the rings are rich and deep, and are incredibly long lasting. The engraving on the necklaces is laser cut, after which they are beautifully polished for a brilliant and lustrous finish. The Length of the man’s chain and the size of the pendant are slightly longer and larger than the woman’s. Both the “His” and “Her” chains have lobster claw clasps, so you can always be certain that they are fastened securely and will be in no danger of coming off unexpectedly.

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Detailed information about His & Hers Matching Set Stainless Steel Necklaces

Additionally, along with your individual pendants, inside of the lovely gift boxes you will also find an actual “Lucky Bean” that has been delicately engraved with a few heartfelt words such as “I love you”.  Once you have received and opened your gift, you and your loved one can then plant your beans and wait for the surprise of finding out what type of plant each of you will grow.

The growth of your bean is a wonderful representation of the growth of your love and your strength as a couple.

  • Product price for the pair of necklaces under $15.00
  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • Beautifully gift boxed
  • Comes with an engraved “Lucky Bean” that can be planted