“Happily ever after” – Engraved in Heavy little Rock

When it comes to gifts for couples, there are so many gifts on the market. But, most of these gifts work best from the partners and might not make much sense if a friend or family member gave it as a gift. On this note, a gift that will work for both will have to take into consideration the interests and the occasion at hand.

For anniversaries, weddings or engagements, this stone cast Happily Ever After piece would be ideal. It is designed for couples and makes a unique gift for a special event. With the phrase it has, the rock will make an excellent piece for any space and a special memory for appreciating their love.

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Detailed information about “Happily ever after” – Engraved in Heavy little Rock

The stone measures 5 inches wide by 4 inches tall by 3 inches deep. It is made using a super concrete mix that consists of cement, course limestone, metakaolin, sand, plasticizer and water. This mix results in a super strong base to ensure it lasts a long time. On this note, the stone can be used in the outdoors without worrying about breaking or disintegrating.

The engraved areas are colored using a mix of dry iron oxide pigments and an acrylic copolymer. This finish, together with the base structure will ensure the stone withstands harsh environmental conditions. It will remain as good as new regardless of the weather conditions. Again, it has a semi-gloss finish which is a thick layer of an acrylic sealer.