Handmade Spa Bath Gift Set – USA Made

Spa gift baskets are fun to give, especially when filled with self-care goodies for the recipient. It’s not a secret that most women (and some men) love pampering themselves.

Have a woman in your life who does so much to keep things in order and hold everyone together? How about you honor this fabulous person whether she is your mother, wife, girlfriend, sister, a daughter or a special friend with this handmade spa bath gift set by Bougie Bath?

As mentioned earlier, generally women love to indulge and soak in luxurious shower gels, soaps lotions surrounded by scented candles. It’s rejuvenating and relaxing, and most often, they come out of it feeling better than ever.

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Detailed information about Handmade Spa Bath Gift Set – USA Made

The three bath/spa sets include:

Orange Bath set: Comes with a grapefruit bath bomb and a candle scented with patchouli, peppermint, and eucalyptus

Turquoise Bath set: Includes a geranium, lime, and lavender bath bomb and a candle with jasmine, sea salt, and sweet cream scents

Lavender Bath set: Comes with lavender, marjoram, and ylang-ylang bath bomb and a candle scented with a blend of sandalwood, lavender, vanilla, and jasmine.

Along with the three bath sets, this gift basket comes loaded with a facial scrub, which is made of 100% natural cellulose; it's soft and will gently and deeply cleanse the face.

Everything in this spa bath basket is handmade using all natural ingredients.


All in one spa bath gift set

It comes with three bath sets for a unique experience

All items are sourced from natural ingredients