GravaStar Bluetooth Speaker

The GravaStar Bluetooth speaker by Domie not only brings a true robot experience into the real world, but it’s also one of the best audio solutions.

Its unique alien exterior design that features a robotic body is a welcome break from the usual boxy speakers that majority of us are accustomed to.

This Bluetooth speaker with 20W sound elevates your audio experience to unimaginable levels. The LED lights effects, on the other hand, transform your personal space to look like a scene from one of your favorite sci-fi movie.

This is a powerful speaker devoted to bringing the owner an exceptional audio experience as they play games, listen to music, or watch movies.

Best technology gift on the market!

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Detailed information about GravaStar Bluetooth Speaker

This is a premium Bluetooth speaker that not only provides huge stereo sounds but also allows you to pair two speakers through a single device. It delivers a generous 20W sound quality with crisp highs, clear mids, and impressively intense bass.

As the speaker plays, it will create cool effects in the surrounding through the LED lights that flash and shine in sync with the rhythm and the volume of the song.

It might actually feel like the GravaStar knows your emotions every time you play your favorite song.

Perhaps the coolest thing about this Domie GravaStar speaker it’s the highly sensitive touchpad which is lit with LED lights.

It allows you to adjust the volume easily even when in dark places or at night, making it fun and simple to operate this device.

The recipient will be amazed to learn that this speaker provides 30 hours of non-stop playtime on a single charge. As if that's not enough, they get to charge it through USB-C cable which is included in this package.

The speaker can also be connected to other devices like smartphones using Bluetooth technology and AUX connections.


Provides an impressive 20W sound quality

Designed with sensitive touchpad

Comes with a USB-C cable

It can be paired with two Domie speakers

Equipped with LED lights that create cool effects

Designed with shock-absorbing adjustable legs