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GiftTree Gourmet Chocolate & Snack Food Basket

We can see then that a gift basket with a mix of sweet and savory snacks would be a big hit with gifts to adult friends, family, and corporate gifts. Combine this with a suitable artisan basket or hamper to hold the snacks and the company will have a winning product that will be snatched up for the corporate and adult gift givers.

This gift basket from Gift Tree is the perfect way to say “thank you” while keeping the gift informal.

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Detailed information about GiftTree Gourmet Chocolate & Snack Food Basket

The various flavors include Almond Roca, Ghiradelli milk and intense dark chocolate, honey roasted peanuts, oatmeal cookies, slightly sweet and salty popcorn. Lindt salty chocolate, chili peanuts, English toffee caramel, and chocolate pomegranate cream truffles.

Everything is packed neatly inside the basket and finished with a hand tied ribbon to add that extra touch of quality. Each 13” x 9” x 6” basket of goodies will say to the recipient that you have thought about the gift and you have definitely chosen wisely.


An amazing combination of high quality sweet and savory snacks

A useful woven basket to be used for many other occasions after the snacks have been eaten

There is plenty of everything for the snacker